For Schools

Today only few schools provide the facility of online payments to parents.

If you are a school owner and like to provide this facility to your customers (Parents) it will be very challenging.

What you probably have at this moment is a back-office school management system through which you print fee challans and dispatch to parents. In order to facilitate online payments you have to have an online system to which payment service providers can talk for information like student name, fee due, late fee etc. and finally process payments.

We save you from this hassle and connect your system with our online system for payments processing, more over we will also dispatch your bills digitally to your customers. The payment providers usually banks will talk to only one (our system) rather then talking to mulitple school systems.

Our solution will help you focus on your business and let us handle the challenging part.


The customer (parent) should be able to pay using their bank account and using their bank's provided online application. The way customer pays utility bills, the same way customer should be able to pay their other online bills.

As we have all fee challan information from all schools, we position ourselves as aggregators mainly for schools and other businesses.

Our system is available for banks to integrate to query challan info using GR and bill number issued by schools. Our system in response to api calls will return all necessary information (including credit account number of the school) for parents to query the issued challan and do online payment instantly.

We love to hear from you if you are interested in working with us, please contact us for integration document.