OnlineBills is a cloud based solution which allows you to import bills from your existing ERP system, present them online with few clicks by pushing to the customer mobile devices using SMS and Email. The SMS and email containing link to your bill will be instantly displayed to your customers reflecting your corporate branding too.

More over it also unlocks the possiblity of online payments.

How it works?

Our solution supports creating invoices by importing multiple invoices from a simple CSV file generated by your existing ERP systems which includes all required details along with Mobile No and Email ID.

The next step is to review the newly uploaded invoices and when everything is fine, user can simply press a button “Send SMS” and relax.

Why should I use onlinebills ?

The challenge is that every business has its own ERP system which generates invoices . These systems lack functionalities which can push invoices to the customers’ devices using SMS and Emails. The biggest challenge is to display invoices with exactly same branding as their physical invoices and expiring it after the due date.

Our solution will save you from physical printing of hundreds of invoices which is ideal for universities, schools and other industries having bigger volume of billing. Printing, sorting and distributing of mass volume of bills is a time consuming exercise.

Our solution will help you dispatch bills instantly to your customers i.e. the parents. Customer can print the invoice and pay it by conventional banking channels.

Online Payments (upcoming feature)

We are working on rolling out the feature for online payments and working with banks for its enablement. Customer will be able to pay easily using the bank’s online app regardless of which bank they have the account.


Our solution is as a service based model, so the cost is nominal, please contact us.